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Senior Portraits

Annette and Missy

Working with the Girls in the studio, getting prepared for affordable portraits in studio North Denver Colorado sitting fees start at $50.00 for a full photo shoot 🙂

Working in the studio … Getting things Dialed in 🙂
Corbin Elliott Photography, Portrait Photographer Denver


Denver Senior Portraits

Yesterday was a little bit of a difficult day for us.  We are running up against dead lines for getting out announcements among other things that life and business throw at us.

Getting the pictures to the printers was the primary thing to get out during the day, specials were running on prints and we did not want to miss those.

And the dates are quickly coming up so every thing needs to be sent out before the week-end.

On top of that the client was being very picky on which pictures were to be sent out of the 200 shots.  Plus she wanted some extra editing done to each of the 7 shots sent to the printer, not just once but multiple times.

First set of editing was making sure the crops would match the print.

Upload, client review.

She emailed back that she wanted some crop adjustments.

Upload, client review.

Email back she wanted some sharpening done on a couple of the shots.

Upload, client review.

She wanted Class of 2012 added to all of the shot.

Upload, client review.

Screw it … Sent it to the printers… 🙂 will see how they come out this afternoon…

BTW The Client (My Wife) he he he …. I love my Girls… don’t get me wrong  And I would jump through all the hoops for any Client out there because making them happy is why I do what I do..

Corbin Elliott Photography, Denver senior portraits

Amanda 2011-2012

2012 High School senior portraits

These were done for her Senior High Photo set .. now she just has to pick one of the over 80 that she has already selected as like’s out of over 200 shots taken

Corbin Elliott Photography, Denver senior portraits