Corbin Elliott Photography, Denver Photographer

Splush 1a

Splush 1a by Corbin Elliott Photography
Splush 1a, a photo by Corbin Elliott Photography on Flickr.

This was a part of the Strawberry Splash series… And actually the only salvageable part of this exposure the Strawberry was long gone 🙂

Strobist info:
29 Gal Fish Tank Black background
Canon 50D
Canon 550EX Speed Light Top of the tank on the left side.. next time will use a plastic bag over it 🙂

550EX set to -3 TTL … even though TTL is busted on it.. (Anyone know how to fix this???)

Not using radio triggers this time but is off camera with a cable 🙂

Post Processing:
Smattering of Light Room 2
And a Pinch of PhotoShop CS4

Yes I’m Cheap and Broke. 🙂

Married with children what do you expect … All of my equipment is pre-loved off Craigslist with the exceptiion of my XTi which was a present a few years ago.

Let me know if you want anymore info on the shot 🙂

Corbin Elliott Photography, Denver Photography


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