Corbin Elliott Photography, Denver Photographer

Three Question Rapids vs Galaxy

Getting ready for this weekends game between the Colorado Rapids and LA Galaxy and questions keep coming up.

Rapids Supporters Pid Army

Colorado Rapids Supporter Group Pid Army

Denver Photographer

Fans have questions??

Conor Casey Colorado Rapids

Conor Casey Colorado Rapids

Denver Photographer

First off will Conor Casey make the match? After Conor’s injuries last year he has been training with the team since the Rapids met with defeat against Seattle. But unfortunately was stricken with Strep Throat on Monday and was kept away from practice on Tuesday to avoid spreading the infection to the rest of the team.

Conor will you make it? He definitely will want to play seeing as he has scored six goals in eight career games against the Galaxy.

Second will Will David Beckham “Bless Us” with his presence??


Oscar Pareja

Oscar Pareja

Denver Photographer

Third will Oscar Pareja Colorado Rapids new Head Coach as of the 2012 season prove that his style of an offensive game be able to beat the LA Galaxy team with the likes of Landon Donovan and GASP*** (See Question #2) 🙂

If Beckham does show… and I get some good shoots…. will definitely share them with you. 🙂


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